Minutes 17th October 2012



Minutes of a meeting held on Wednesday 17th October 2012

At 10 Powderham Walk


Present - Pat Ritchie, Joan Turpin, Sally Bennett, Nicki Bell, Bryan Scott, John Beggane,


Apologies – Pat Ritchie, Sara Warren, Ruth Smythers



Minutes of last meeting

a)      Hedge at rear of No2 Lawrence Walk – this has now been inspected by CGM who do not consider any further action necessary at this time (except for fertilizer treatment)

b)      Finger signpost to Buckland Walk – the letter ‘B’, which has been missing from this sign for a considerable time, still requires replacement. Action PM

c)      Gate entry system – The emergency override code has been notified to all residents and the management committee and TMS are commended for their prompt response to resident’s concerns regarding the initial decision to publish this code.


Matters arising

a)      Christmas tree: the committee would be pleased if a tree could be installed as previously and, if possible, a visit by Father Christmas arranged.  Action PM

b)     The gardens continue to be maintained to a good standard and the provision of the ‘red hot poker’ flowers to the beds adjacent to the front gate has attracted several favourable comments.

c)      Signage in the Mansion House – decorating has commenced in the common areas in the Mansion House, so please could the signs be installed following the completion of the work.  Action PM

d)     External Lighting: a resident recently suffered a nasty accident in the dark due to the failure of external lighting over steps.  The external lights to communal entrances (to the flats etc) provide a valuable addition to road lighting, and whilst the condition of the lights are regularly checked by the PM, all residents are asked to notify the PM of any such lighting being inoperative as soon as possible. Action ALL RESIDENTS

e)      Printed copies of minutes of last meeting – these were not delivered and apologies are offered to those who normally receive the minutes in this way.


Date of next meeting -   Wednesday 28th November at 3 Killerton Walk



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